Rules for participation

Att: There are some ways of participation: ONLINE (in absentia) and IN PERSON (internal way):

1. Art print participation (you send file, we print and exhibit)
2. Artwork partiсipation (you ship artwork, we exhibit)
3. Personal partiсipation (you visit Moscow and bring artwork in person)

Registration deadline: until November 19, 2018 inclusive

Dates: November 22-28, 2018 (11.00-20.00)
Opening ceremony: November 23, 2018, 6 pm
Winners Announced: November 28, 6 pm
Address: SEC "Riviera", 2nd floor, right wing, Art-Box Art Center - Moscow, ul. Avtozavodskaya, 18.

Age Rrestrictions: Authors over 18 years of age have the right to take part in the International Project "VANGUARD TODAY".


     Documents for registration:     

There are available two methods of registration on the International Exhibition & Competition "VANGUARD TODAY":

I. First option -  send your data and jpg. pictures by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

1) Application form (download Word, PDF)
2) Labels for each art object (download in Word, PDF);
3) Applicant’s portrait photo (size of at least 3x4 cm);
4) Images of your artworks ( in jpg or tiff , not less than 200 dpi, not more than 20 Mb);
5) A copy or screenshot of the registration fee payment proof. We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Yandex and PayPal.
You may find information about the cost of participation in the section:
II. Second option -    to fill out the Application Form on the website 
After the author has sent registration data to the Organizing Committee, he receives a notification letter with his assigned "Participant's number" from the administrator.

     Allowed Techniques:     

Art genres the International Project «VANGUARD TODAY» represent at the exhibition:
1) Painting
2) Graphic arts
3) Sculpture
4) Digital Art
5) Textiles & Crafts
     Sections - Nominated Art Styles:     
All works (of the "Art print participation", as well as both "Personal" and remote "Artwork partiсipation" options) take part in the program of the following sections and nominations of the Project «Vanguard Today» exhibition.
  1. Modernism
  2. Symbolism (expressionism)
  3. Abstract (non-figurative art)
  4. Impressionism
  5. Surrealism
  6. Pop art
  7. Conceptualism
  8. Primitive (naive art)
  9. Genre experiment

Read more about the "Nominated Art Styles".

The exhibition accepts two- and three-dimensional works.
The two-dimensional dimensions of the work can not exceed 75 x 85 inches (192 x 218 cm).
A three-dimensional artistic work (ie sculpture) can not exceed 72 x 72 x 24 inches (184 x 184 x 61 cm).
For flat products an additional coefficient is introduced: with a canvas size of more than 90 cm and up to 140 cm, an additional payment is charged on the larger side, equal to 50% of the cost. In the subsequent calculation is at each step of 50 cm.
    Additional provision:     

Please note that the artists, participating in the exhibition, are responsible for the costs of the artworks shipping to our Moscow's office and back after the art show, as well as for the insurance of their artwork.

Also please read the "General Regulations", which describe the relationships between authors, organizers of the exhibition and the organizing committee.


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