Myriam Feuilloley

Myriam Feuilloley is a french artist living and working by the sea in Normandy.

The narraratives and characters portrayed in her work are easily recognised. Often bearing a hallmark, they are nacked, hairless, and the bodies shapes freed from the classic image what is «the norm». Common themes include people bathing, couples, family portraits, totems, crosses, the Tower of Babel, puppets, and meeting with angels. All captured in her unique style.

Myriam’s work has been exhibited at the Museum of Villa Carlotta by Como Lake, Montivilliers Abbey, the Museum of Terre Neuvas in Fécamp, Maison des Arts in Conches, as well at the Tristan Bernard theater gallery in Paris. In 2016, she was invited to exhibit her work as part of the World Day of Art at the United Nations Office in Geneva. Her work regularly features in exhibitions across France and internationally.
She has published two books on her work, the first a retrospective, « Feuilloley, 20 years of painting » (2006), the second « 20 fables La Fontaine illustrated by Feuilloley » (2012).

Theme after theme again Feuilloley prompts us to reimagine the human soul thought the nacked body.

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